Noon at Dusk


noon at dusk poster imagea chamber opera in six scenes

libretto by Yi Hong Sim
music by Stephen Lewis

Premiere performances: May 11, 13, 14 ~ 2016 ~ University of California, San Diego

Two couples face a difficult yet increasingly common dilemma: should you go where you must to pursue your ideal career aspirations, or stay with a partner who cannot follow you? Annelise and Daniela’s long-term commitment to each other is challenged when Annelise has the chance to realize her professional dreams, while the threat of Eliot’s job loss puts his young love for Lisha to the test. The forces that drive their choices are larger than any of them suspect, and the shadows of regret that follow implicate them all. A debut collaboration between composer Stephen Lewis and librettist Yi Hong Sim, Noon at Dusk is a complex, intimate tragedy of what it means to “make a living” in the postindustrial world.

Premiered in a three-show run on May 11th, 13th, and 14th, 2016, Noon at Dusk was hailed as “delectable,” with a “constantly shifting sonic world [that] proved fascinating and effective” and a “moving, universal story about what really counts between 21st-century laborers.”

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program notes

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Complete Premiere Performance
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Opening Night

Ashley Cutright as ANNELISE
Kirsten Ashley Wiest as DANIELA
Jonathan Nussman as ELIOT
Hillary Young as LISHA
Philip Larson as ELIOT’S BOSS
Tiffany DuMouchelle as MAYA

Susan Narucki, director
Dana Sadava, music director
Jessica Flores, lighting and scenic design
Kyle Adam Blair, musical preparation

Rachel Beetz, Michael Matsuno, flutes
Ariana Warren, Madison Greenstone, clarinets
Ran Duan, piano
Fiona Digney, percussion
Batya Macadam-Somer, Kim Hain, violins
Päivikki Nykter, Travis Maril, violas
Eric Moore, cello
Matt Kline, Tommy Babin, double basses

Highlights from the Premiere

From Scene 5

From Scene 1

From Scene 6